Doise – Automatic content


March 5, 2015

Automatic creation of content

We want to create a new service (SaaS) that can digest texts and unstructured data in the Web about a certain and specific topic and successively making new automatic posts for that topic. This service might be the answer to the content marketing issues experienced the agency nowadays. The traditional sources of social media content (e.g. create yourself, hire an in-house copywriter, outsource) are becoming an important cost in terms of time, money and opportunity, especially because the they are labour intensive and poorly scalable for users and web agencies. Our solution permits the automatic creation of content for posting into social media for SMEs. In particular the user selects keywords and criteria to collect certain web content and the solution package uses a logical structure to generate a ready-made statement to use for feeding the SMEs social media account.Ā  Obviously, the idea is to verticalize the service in specific subject/topics/fields.

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