Quote of the Week: Finding Long Shots


May 14, 2015

“Our main investment objective is to put money where money is scarce…And oil and gas, and especially oil in Alberta, is a sector that is under more stress than it has been in a long time.”


Who said it: Bruce Flatt, CEO of Brookfield Asset Management


In Context:  There are still places in the world where capital is scarce, despite all the talk of dry powder, according to Bruce Flatt who is CEO of a large-sized investment firm based in Toronto with about USD 200 bn under management. Brookfield invests significant sums in real estate, private equity, and infrastructure investments. He is bullish on direct investing in oil and gas companies in Canada because the sector is facing serious headwinds at the moment. But that is not the only place, he also sees opportunities in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Europe, Australia, India and China. Obviously, each market has its own variables that make capital scarce and valuations attractive for a long term investor. How does Flatt find deals? He has a team that operates globally. A focus on so-called real assets (ports, skyscrapers, and lumber etc) apparently helps Brookfield’s private equity team find deals and companies to invest in, particularly distressed or turnaround opportunities. Some call Flatt the Warren Buffet of Canada. Since he’s only 49, it may be a bit early for that comparison, but his firm’s private equity activities might be worth watching. (Image source: FT TV)


Where we found it: Bloomberg

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