5* HYATT Regency Hotel in Sri Lanka


May 16, 2013

Be at the forefront to invest in a  prime hotel in Sri Lanka.

It will be a 250-room, 300.000sqft, 5-star HYATT Regency Hotel located 100 meters across from the Colombo international airport arrivals hall. The property owner (“SKD”) is a well-respected Hong Kong based family with 25 years of operating experience in Sri Lanka.

SKD is seeking a US$10M long term investor. A sweetener in the form of an 11% preferred return and a 33% preferred equity stake in the property is being offered. The investor will receive their preferred cash payment prior to other investors being paid, except the lender. The investor will retain a 17% equity position after the preferred return and principal has been returned in full.

SKD has spent US$2M in acquiring all government approvals including tax breaks for the property and the family group is committed to investing an additional US$7.5m of equity.


For more information, please click here.

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