5 Ways Using a Deal Flow Management Tool Makes Your Life Easier


February 24, 2015

Private equity investors are able to enjoy a multitude of online platforms these days that have completely transformed the way deals are done. Finding new investment opportunities is increasingly easier and quicker. Connecting with potential investors and investment opportunities can happen around the clock, as you don’t need to get each stakeholder in the same place at the same time.


As deal making opportunities have increased, managing the deal flow has become slightly more demanding. Investors are dealing with a large quantity of deals, often in a variety of fields, and efficient analysing of the deal flow is crucial for continued deal success.


Most private equity platforms use deal flow management tools to help make the process a lot easier. At DealMarket we have focused on creating a cloud-based system that enhances your operations and provides you easy access at all times. When you use a deal flow management tool, you’ll definitely make your life easier in the following five ways.


All of Your Deals in One Place
A deal flow management tool provides all the information and data on your deals in one place. Most tools have this information in a standardised format, meaning that you get to see the most essential information at a single glance.


This will save you the time of gathering the information yourself, as well as having to set up different priorities that matter the most to you as in investor. With the management tool, you don’t need to worry whether you added every single detail as the software does it for you in an automated manner. You also get to include notifications to ensure you never miss a deadline on an important deal.


You’ll also get to access all of the information at once. The cloud-based management tools have the benefit of making the data available whether you are at the office or on your holiday. This makes it easier to manage your deals and make the right choices with new opportunities.


Gives You More Control
The data comes in an industry-standardised format, making it easy to see the most important details in a glance. Whether you are a long-time investor or a new fish in the pond, the standard model makes the tool easier to use, which in terms improves efficiency and makes your deal flow management a lot quicker.


In addition, you have the option of using simple deal template and due diligence forms, ensuring your deals follow the agreed industry guidelines. You can easily tweak each form to your liking, giving you enough freedom to ensure you are in charge of the deals you make and the terms you use.


The standard data and deal flow models don’t mean that you can’t make any changes. You are able to add your own information and make sure you manage your deals in the way that best suits you. You have the ultimate control over deal flow management.


A Tool You Can Trust
Security is paramount to investors and online private equity platforms and deal flow management tools provide you that extra peace of mind. A cloud-based management tool makes sure that all of your deal data is protected.


Most tools use a number of security layers to guarantee your data won’t be compromised. Knowing that your deal flow information is always safe will make your life easier. You also won’t have to worry about having to optimise your own security protocols to the max because your deal data is stored on the cloud, saving you both time and money.


A good deal flow management tool is included in platforms that won’t allow just anyone to set up as an investor or a business looking for investment. Therefore, when you use the right platform you can guarantee other stakeholders have gone through the same rigorous registration process, ensuring your deals are made in a secure manner.


Enjoy Enhanced Collaboration
You’ll be able to share information about your deals easily with deal flow management tools. The seamless functionality allows you to decide which information to share and with whom. Whether you are part of a bigger investment team and you want to discuss the data with team members or you are looking to collaborate with new business partners, the collaboration is simple and effective.


The cloud-based system also guarantee the information you are viewing is up to date. If you relied on e-mailing Excel files with your team members, not only might the date have changed by the time they are viewing it, you’d also be relying on the person noticing the e-mail notification. With a deal flow management tool incorporated in your deal platform you don’t need to worry about that.


You’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of improved security. The information won’t be shared through a third party, so you won’t have to worry about sharing it within your trusted circle. Although setting up sharing preferences is simple, you don’t have to worry about sharing your information with people you don’t want. Collaboration always happens on your terms.


Quicker Way to Make Deals
Overall, your deal making becomes a much safer, smoother and quicker when you use a proper deal flow management tool. You can enjoy industry standardised models that make it easy to post and sign deals, you get to enjoy detailed data so you stay on top of deadlines and clauses, and you’ll have structured processes that ensure you follow the regulatory rules at all times. There’s no need for folders of paperwork for each deal, as you have the information set up on the cloud-based platform. With easy access, you are always able to change details and make sure your deal details are up to date.


The great thing about the DealMarket deal flow management tool is the simple fact that private equity investors like you designed it. That makes the platform and the tool easy to use with the above benefits. It also ensures constant improvement – as the industry develops and changes, the deal flow management tools must also adopt to suit the current needs.


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