Quote of the Week: Time the markets


January 19, 2012

“We’ve never tried to time the markets, so we weren’t trying to time the markets. We were trying to go public at the right point in our company growth, and we thought that was the right point.”

Who said it: Mark Pincus, CEO Zynga, in his first post-IPO interview

In Context: Pincus is responding to a comment by the journalist pointing out that Zynga’s stock price is still below its IPO price, asking the question, Did the company go public at the wrong time? Pincus pointed out that the companies aimed to raise a billion dollars and to acquire some “great” long-term investors and it succeeded in doing that. Zynga makes apps for Facebook and is best known for FarmVille. Image Source: OReilly Media clip

Where we found it: WSJ


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