The Concept

DealMarket is an online platform enabling Private Equity buyers, sellers and advisors to maximize opportunities around the world. It is a one-stop shop giving PE professionals an unfiltered view of the global marketplace. DealMarketPLACE connects buyers, sellers and advisors. DealMarketSTORE grants cost effective access to industry leading third party information and other services on demand. DealMarketOFFICE offers state-of-the-art deal flow management tools. Competition for deals is intensifying, raising money is becoming tougher and the industry is becoming more global. Market participants are demanding greater transparency and connectivity. DealMarket is the solution. Designed by PE Professionals for PE Professionals, the platform is secure and easy to use, providing access, choice and control across the whole investment cycle.

DealMarket STORE
Why can’t I buy information and services from leading THIRD party providers on demand all in one place?

This is your link to industry leading news, information and other third party private equity and corporate finance services. You decide exactly what you want and you only pay for what you use. We have teamed up with key industry partners to offer their services on-demand rather than through subscription, giving you the choice over what information you need and how much you want to spend. We offer information storage in virtual data rooms, company information, industry and market research, peer multiples and valuations, news and analytics and many more services. You can access services from best in class third party providers all from one location, with one profile – DealMarketSTORE.ORE.

DealMarket PLACE for deals
Do you have high quality yet cost efficient access to the global deal market?

This online portal gives Private Equity buyers and sellers transparent and affordable access to the global marketplace. PE professionals gain an unfiltered view of the investment landscape, including direct investments, funds and secondaries. DealMarketPLACE lets you source deals, benchmark opportunities and find contacts based on their deal experience. Searching is free, and promoting opportunities costs less than the price of a cappuccino a day, with no commission. You can also enhance your market reputation by sharing your past deal history – free of charge. The portal is easy to use, allowing you to tailor your searches and save deals that interest you. When posting investment opportunities, you always decide how much information you share. In addition, our one-to-one chat facility lets you network with your fellow professionals revealing your identity only when it suits you.

DealMarket PLACE for Advisors
Where do I find the best market for advice at a fair price?

DealMarketPLACE offers accountants, lawyers and other consultants an unrivalled opportunity to market expertise to a global audience of Private Equity professionals. You won’t be charged by the word so you can say as much as you like about the services you offer. Your profile will be accessible to everyone using the site, so it’s a powerful tool to raise your company profile and generate new business opportunities, both globally and in your local marketplace.

As an investor it is not always easy to find the right expert to partner with, especially in unfamiliar markets. DealMarketPLACE gives you access to advisers for free, and you can even see how previous clients have rated them.

DealMarket OFFICE
Is poor management of your deal flow data holding you back?

Create your MyOffice, choosing from our OFFICE software suite that puts you in control of your deal flow data and information, improving the performance of both you and your team. Our state-of-the-art programme gives you the power to capture, store, manage and share your deal flow more consistently and efficiently. It is intuitive to use, allowing you to search, sort, rate, bookmark and assign tasks to investment opportunities all in your own private database. Information can be shared quickly and easily with colleagues, co-investors, advisors and other partners around the world. As a powerful deal exchange tool DealMarketOFFICE is also an ideal platform for networks and associations to interact with their members.

Why DealMarket?

Competition for deals is intensifying, raising money is becoming tougher, and the world of Private Equity is becoming ever more global. These shifts are driving greater connectivity and transparency between market participants. DealMarket enables PE professionals to take advantage of this changing industry landscape.

Whether you are looking for greater access to the global PE market place, more choice of affordable industry leading information and other PE services, or closer control over your deal flow management, DealMarket is a one-stop shop offering solutions for PE professionals who want to keep one step ahead of the game.

DealMarket – access, choice, control.