Another M&A Boom Year Predicted


April 16, 2015

EY said this week it expects the wave of M&A transactions to keep its amplitude year, as deal “appetite” hits a five-year high, as seen in the results of it 12th Global Capital Confidence Barometer survey of 1,600 top executives from around the world. It says more than half of the companies surveyed are now pursuing acquisitions.  Key findings include: the number of deals in pipeline is to increase by a fifth (19%), nearly three-quarters (73%) of acquirers seek “innovative M&A” and 84% plan deals abroad.

EY said that economic confidence is high, despite commodity and currency volatility. In fact, the volatility of commodities and currencies, may be contributing to momentum through increased consolidation as executives searching for growth outside their domestic markets. (Image source: EY)

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