Aquasense – Tilapia farm Business in Panama


November 21, 2013

The solution is crystal clear – aquaculture

Aquasense is an early stage aquaculture company. We plan to grow farm-raised red tilapia in the Republic of Panama with exports to U.S. seafood distributors, high-end supermarkets and restaurants. We plan to capture 4% of the $1.0 billion U.S. tilapia market with one of the top ten most consumed fish. World population is growing and so is the demand for seafood. By 2020, there will be a shortage of seafood. The problem is real, the solution crystal clear – aquaculture.

We expect to build a differential advantage over our competitors by establishing the Company as a first mover in Republic of Panama to successfully grow tilapia in saltwater, using open-ocean cage technologies and with omega-3 enriched fish feeds, resulting in a more nutritious tilapia product offering. If achieved and maintained, we can translate these advantages into long-term dominance and generate greater value for the Company and our investors.

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