Aries – Security systems


March 19, 2015

Partners with leading technology firms

Aries (code name) offers turn-key solutions for critical infrastructure projects based on interoperability of complex systems for industries such as defense, security, border surveillance, aerial and maritime navigation, etc. The company is NATO 2011 certified, qualifying for defense related projects at the highest standards. Operates in large markets with clients seeking a provider of turn-key integrated systems. Has invested €2.6 million in R+D projects, partners with leading technology firms and works closely with the main equipment manufacturers and software developers on their lines of business. Due to the contraction of the Spanish market, its sales went down from 16.4 M€ to 5.2 M€. It is currently undergoing financial restructuring process. An investor could obtain the outstanding company debt at discount for about 1.5 M€ and convert it into equity, obtaining more than 50% of the shares

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