Asia-Pacific PE Grows: China and Australia Dominate


May 22, 2012

McKinsey Study. The Asia Pacific region is now responsible for about USD50 billion in deals. After several years of declines, it climbed to a 17 percent share of global private equity, according to a McKinsey & Company private equity in the Asia-Pacific report, as reported by Financial Standard. Asia’s share of the global private equity market was 11 percent .


The same article reported that optimism about investment is reflected in a new Preqin Asian Private Equity Benchmark survey that showed that it outperformed the MSCI Pacific and MSCI EMF indices over the one, three- and five-year periods based on similar but not the exact same comparison data.


China is PE central with the largest number of PE managers. Australia is also a market leader with two Sydney-based private equity managers in the top 10, says the report. The study authors were surprised to note that Indian PE managers were missing from the study’s top 30 due to investor sentiment in the sub-continent cooling despite the size and promise of the market.

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