asiPay – Mobile payment


April 16, 2015

Engage consumers & motivate merchants

asiPay is a unique mobile payment solution operating on a innovative technology called “Mobile Internet Billing”. Consumers are charged directly to their phone bill. They don’t need a credit card or bank account, just a mobilephone. Up to now, asiPay is connected with Swisscom, other carriers will come soon. asiPay is comprised of 4 products : 1. asiPay is a method of payment for e-Commerce merchants. 2. asiPay is a mobile application for end-users. The goal is to engage consumers & motivate merchants to propose asiPay as a method of payment. 3. asiPay is a mobile application for physical merchants. 4. asiPay is integrated into  existing POS + White Labelling. These 4 products design a real ecosystem that allows each one to feed another. asiPay is solution of the Mobile Marketing Agency asiMOVE. We want to spin off asiPay solution as a new company, so we need to raise funds to develop 2 mobile applications with back-office supported (Products 2 & 3)

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