Bamboo Fiber Company – Creating new industries for the Black Belt


July 5, 2013

Cost efficient propagation of plants at commercial scale

Founded in March 2011, Resource Fiber LLC is building the bamboo fiber agro-industry in the U.S., initially in the State of Alabama, to provide an alternative raw material fiber for wood- and petroleum-based products for U.S.-based manufacturing and job creation.

The company will fuel multiple industry sectors e.g.purification for water/air, agriculture (biochar for soil amendment and fertilizer) and building (bamboo flooring, furniture).

The company is currently pre-revenue seeking $1.2M in development-stage capital followed by Series A financing estimated to be between $20M and $25M. Early-stage funding is currently being provided by the Founders.

The U.S. is China’s largest export market for bamboo products and developed its industry from susbsistence farming to annual revenue of $14B.

For detailed information, request the Development-Stage Private Placement Memorandum available under cover of a Non-Disclosure Agreement.

For more information, please visit

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