Bayman Bay – Coal project


March 12, 2015

Generate significant financial returns

We are seeking initial funding for our U.S. based coal project. Bayman Bay is a startup that systematically transitions above ground and below ground, undervalued, primarily carbon based (organic) assets, into market-ready commodities. The foremost outcome of this initial Fiatt Project will be the augmentation of value of the current coal assets located within the project (approximately 23 million tons) from around $38/ton to an end value of approximately $400/ton (post processing). 


The estimated annual internal rate of return over the initial 5 years of operations is expected to reach 106.42%. Ultimately, as summarized below, the Fiatt Project will generate significant financial returns to its owners, lenders and investors, resolve the environmental problems posed by the residual coal deposits on the site, create a significant number of quality jobs for the community, and generate significant tax receipts for the State and Local governments.

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