Big Deals: SWFs, Family Offices Go Direct-ly Into Euro Venture Capital Market


May 8, 2014

In recent weeks, many of the larger transactions in the European venture capital market have been led by US investors and other “unusual” investors, such as Sovereign Wealth Funds and family offices, according to the latest analysis from Go4Venture Advisors. Some of the investors named are Victory Park Capital (credit investment), Fidelity International (large institutional investor), GIC Private Limited (sovereign fund), Vulcan Capital and MSD Capital (both family offices of high-profile tech entrepreneurs).


Clearly, this is a much more diverse set of investors representing a deep pool of capital. These developments show how much the European market is maturing, says Go4Venture, albeit from a base that is far below that of Silicon Valley.


The analysts note that there the European VC market is seeing a “high-energy, cross-border, international” dynamic with a focus on sizable exit opportunities, rather than risk mitigation, which is more typical for European venture. (Image source: Go4Venture Monthly Bulletin)

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