Brixton – High end interior design supplier


February 26, 2015

Services of an interior designer or architect

The $2 million revenue Company has a longstanding reputation within the interior design trade for creativity and superior quality. It sells primarily through the design trade but is now developing other channel opportunities. The End Customers are: Affluent home owners who use the services of an interior designer or architect and for whom quality, rather than price, is the determining factor. High-end hotels and boutique inns. Signature restaurants. Why Seek a Buyer Now? The current CEO, who is the majority shareholder, is experiencing some health issues which are beginning to have an impact on his capacity to perform at an optimum level. 2014 EBITDA $90k but a strong growth plan is in place and we expect 13% EBITDA this year on $2.2 million revenue BUT CEO must exit now due to health and so is very flexible as to deal strucutre.

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