Bugscore – Score and compare any person, product or business on a range of attributes


June 20, 2013

Score any person, product or business on www.bugscore.com.

Wikipedia allows you to learn information, Google allows you to find it, Facebook and Twitter allow you to share it and Bugscore allows you to score it. It’s growing database is of large value to many industries and stands to become the largest online market research platform along with the 4th largest information provider on the Web.

Bugscore’s vision is to have their proprietary API based ‘Score’ button right next to the Facebook ‘share’ and Twitter ‘tweet’ button on all major content providing websites. Bugscore can transform quality in over 63 industries and is hugely monetizable; especially in the $32bn p.a market research industry.

The company has raised seed funding but requires Series-A funding in order to accelerate the development plan, build the data team and invest in customer acquisition.


For more information, please visit DealMarket.com

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