Buyout Rides Regulatory Ripcurl


October 16, 2014

Some long-time PE industry insiders may have nostalgia for the days when theirs was a largely unregulated segment of the corporate finance market, but others are learning quickly how to make money on the back of regulatory changes.


Regulations are a fact of life, but not exactly the sexiest area of business topics, and yet this week’s buyout of the week is an example of how smart money and entrepreneurial founders can turn even compliance into an opportunity for returns. Vista Equity Partners, a highly-specialized buyout investor, and one of the consistent top performers in the PE world (according to Preqin), announced acquiring Navex this week for an undisclosed amount from its current PE backer.


Navex is an information provider in the areas of compliance and social responsibility that claims 8,000 customers worldwide. It’s in a sweet spot because its business opportunities and addressable market keep expanding every time governments and regulatory bodies clamp down tighter on the behavior of companies, industries, and service organizations. (Image source: Navex Global)

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