China’s Acquisitions in Europe Hit a High


February 12, 2015

Data from Rhodium Group reported in FinFacts shows Chinese investment into Europe grew 50% higher than the US level to USD 18 billion last year. The UK is the top destination, followed by Germany and France. Chinese investment into the US over the past 12 months totaled USD 12bn. It is the second year that investment was over USD 10 billion.


Experts quoted in the article say that Chinese investment is now covering all parts of Europe in multiple sectors, and that it has grown substantially in recent years. Investment activity in Europe was quite low until 2009 at about USD 3bn, with that figure tripling in 2010 to more than USD 10bn. Over the past 5 years some USD 55 bn has been invested in the EU, mainly acquisitions.


Of late there has been some additional investment in R&D in in Scandinavia, food processing facilities in France, real estate developments in Britain, and machinery production in Germany. Chinese companies have also ramped up spending on the expansion of existing facilities in Europe including chemical plants, warehouses, and other transportation infrastructure, according to the article.

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