Chinese Investor Tracks One Billion Dollars in Indian eCommerce Deals


October 9, 2014

That is a headline that is quite a novelty for anyone who has been observing or working in PE for longer than five years. The investor is East Shenzhen-based Global Sun Solutions, which announced that more than a billion dollars has been put into early-stage and seed venture capital investment in Indian eCommerce ventures this year.


The 2014 figure is significantly higher than the USD 643 million invested last year in this segment, it said. The hope is that India will “emulate the spectacular growth” of China’s online shopping markets, and that some smart VCs will be funding the next Alibaba. In the meantime FlipKart, a local competitor, Amazon and its global peers may offer early Indian eCommerce ventures an exit through acquisitions, said the firm. (Image source: FlipKart)

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