Cleantech Predictions 2013 BNEF’s Views


February 15, 2013

Clean energy investment fell 11% in 2012, to USD 268.7 billion, the biggest year-on-year setback since Bloomberg New Energy Finance has been tracking the figures (starting in 2004) but it predicts that the main influences that caused that reverse will unwind during 2013, leading to improved investment figures for 2013.

BNEF 2013 Predictions of Changes Impacting Clean Energy

1. Recovery in Clean Energy Investment

2. Shale Gas Price to Change

3. Financial Innovation Grows From a Trickle To… a Bigger Trickle

4. Europe Focuses On Energy Market Reforms

5. Technology, Environment ad Development In The Driving Seat

6. China, Africa and Latin America To Drive Solar Growth

7. Installations Becalmed but Financing Picks Up for Wind

8. Boring Bioenergies Make Money

9. Electric Vehicle Sales Show Sparky Acceleration

10. Fuel Cells – A Ray of Light After Decades of Smoke

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