May 8, 2013

Interactive Business Card Mobile App on iOS and Android

Clickycard is a multilingual free mobile app that allows the sharing of interactive business cards by SMS, Email or via the social networks. Clickycard differs from its competitors by the sharing of already functional cards to the addressees. But Clickycard goes much more far because every owner of his card has a visibility on its network thanks to detailed statistics and can communicate with all its contacts thanks to rich push notifications.

The main objective of Clickycard is to reduce the cost of professional’s communication line while improving its visibility with its customers and prospects.

To go farther, please visit our website and download the free app (for the moment, the cards present in the internal directory are essentially in France).

The market is global and very promising because “paper” business cards are still very widely used.

To accompany the growth of Clickycard, we look for partners and investors to improve mainly the communication and the marketing.

For more information, please click here.

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