Corporate VCs Shift to Early Stage


April 16, 2015

You cannot miss the announcements in recent months about new venture capital funds coming out of industry. Dentsu, the Japanese advertising and entertainment giant (USD 50 mn, global, stage neutral), Verizon (IoT, all stages), even Twitter. There are now more than 1100 corporate venture funds, according to Verizon Ventures blog. About 100 of them were active in the universe of investment that CB Insights tracks.  New entrants join old hands like Siemens, Samsung, Roche, and Intel. A quick check of the aforementioned’s websites reveals one thing new and different from a few years ago, a readiness to invest in early stage and seed stage. They seek innovation with such a strategy, partners, potential new business partners, as well as users/customers. (Image source: CB Insights)

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