Corporate Venturing Grows in Importance


February 15, 2013

In venture capital circles it appears that corporate venture capital investors are gaining power and effectiveness. We reported on it last year. And the word now is that they are more desirable to include in club deals than ever before and to reduce risk and share capital requirements. Nine of the 10 possible IPOs this year identified by news provider CNN have corporate venturing backing, according to Global Corporate Venturing.

Intel Capital is one of the groups that has emerged as a leader in this segment. Here are some key datapoints from its latest newsletter, received by DealMarket Digest’s editor.

– USD 352 million invested in 150 deals

– 64 companies joined the Intel Capital portfolio

– 57% of investments made outside North America

– 35 companies exited the portfolio: 7 IPOs, 28 M&As

– 3,500+ engagements between portfolio companies and Global 2000 customers

Since 1991 Intel Capital’s track record

– USD 0.8 billion invested in 1,276 companies in 54 countries

– 201 IPOs and 317 M&As

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