D-Orbit – Satellite management


December 18, 2014

Direct and controlled satellite removal

Space is the next trillion dollar market. The increasing number of satellites launched in space is going to saturate the most lucrative and exploitable orbits. Satellite operators try to remove their satellites to leave their orbital slot free for the new satellite.
However, the end-of-life manoeuvers are complex and costly, and the current technology uses highly inefficient leading to up $1.5B losses. Moreover, regulations require direct and controlled satellite removal, costly and difficult to obtain with current satellite on-board technology.
Decommissioning represents $2.1B (new satellites) and $30B (existing satellites) addressable market. D-Orbit produces smart decommissioning systems to be installed on satellites and launcher’s stages and able to remove them in a quick, safe and controlled manner from their orbit, in order to help operators save their assets (orbital slots), reduce operational costs and consequently providing
and easy and profitable access to space.

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