DealMarket launches new Deal Marketplace to support Private Equity Professionals


October 29, 2013

DealMarket, the leading global Private Equity platform, has added “PLACE PRO” to support greater privacy and exclusivity for companies seeking private capital and investment industry professionals. It is a premium service granting both sides of a Private Equity transaction the benefits of improved targeting and access.


DealMarket is delighted to announce the launch of the new DealMarket Place PRO platform, designed to support greater exclusivity, more privacy, and effective targeting for both buyers and sellers, such as entrepreneurs, business owners, brokers, investment banks and placement agents.

Our one-stop global Private Equity platform has grown in popularity since our launch in early 2011. The high level of traffic, usage, and deals on offer at caused some of our clients to ask for more privileges and a higher level of exclusivity. They still want to connect, screen, manage, and share deals on but they want additional features not supported on the original version of the platform, which was the first in the Private Equity industry to offer an unfiltered view of the global deal and advice marketplace with free searching and commission-free posting of Private Equity deals.


The Place PRO platform is an upgrade and it is a solution that satisfies both sides of the Private Equity transaction on For a one-time subscription the Place PRO service enables deal providers, or sellers, such as entrepreneurs, their agents, and Private Equity fundraisers to conduct marketing in a private sphere with self-selected investors from 130 countries worldwide.


It provides a rare opportunity for those seeking private capital to reach quality investors with years of experience and expertise in the industry who are actively seeking opportunities and who might otherwise be difficult to access, including Family Offices, Angel Investors, Private Equity boutiques, and global investment networks.


On the other side of the transaction, Place PRO enables investors or buyers to have more exclusivity, and greater control over the investment opportunities available to them. These specialist investors use DealMarket Place PRO to find the most exciting Private Equity opportunities and deals available on the market. An annual subscription fee provides transparent access to exclusive Deal Flow from sellers who only want specialised and accredited investors to view their deals.

DealMarket introduced a new and unique pricing model. The value of the initial subscription fee is transferred into vouchers to use in the DealMarket Store. Therefor you get access to the exclusive platform quasi for free.


“DealMarket Place PRO, our newest product, meets the increased desire among DealMarket’s clients for a more exclusive platform providing access to the best opportunities. “It is a platform unrivalled in the Private Equity industry, and represents the future of the marketplace” says CEO Urs Haeusler.

With the amendments to the JOBS Act which came into effect in the USA on September 23rd, there is even more good news and positive regulation changes for companies and individuals fundraising. In accordance with DealMarket’s vision “to help capital seekers and investors to get in contact with each other in a more efficient and effective way”, DealMarket honors this great political changes and supports all fundraising business owners by offering their online marketplace for private equity deals for free effective as of today. With this free offering of DealMarket’s public deal share platform PLACE, it offers incredible online fundraising opportunities for everyone free of any charge.

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