Digital Health Venture Funding

Digital Health Investment Mounts, M&A Too


June 4, 2015

Digital Health is a fairly new VC category that is starting to heat up in the US, with USD 630 million raised in the first quarter, according to data from Rock Health. The segment’s early stage is evident in the predominance of Seed and “Series A” rounds, but M&A in the US is also picking up, which may mean early exits for some investors. There were 42 deals announced in the quarter and 95 M&A deals in 2014. Eleven of the acquisitions had a disclosed aggregate value of over USD 1.1 bn. Last year, more capital was raised for Digital Health than all previous years (USD 4 bn), and double what was raised in 2013. The venture funding data only includes disclosed US deals over USD 2M.

(Image source: Rock Health)

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