DTGE – Biogas plant


March 27, 2015

Distributed mini-power-generation

The bioenergy sector in Europe, China, USA and South East Asia is growing and shows interesting potential for development. In 2013 bioenergy in Europe represent only 11% of electricity generation the growth in recent years was also significantly pushed by the incentives for the production of renewable energy. In Europe in 2012 the field of renewable energy has attracted investments of € 120 billion of which € 5 billion specifically for biogas.  In this scenario DTGE positions itself as a reference player in distributed mini-generation of energy from biomass by acting as a system integrator / EPC of the sector. Based on its expertise, on the experience of the management and the network of relationships built in the agricultural and industrial ambit, DTGE proposes as a financial and technological partner, having access to sources of financing and managing the complexity of plant (bureaucratic and technical). DTGE as EPC / main contractor has total control of the design, construction and operation of biogas plants in cooperation with sub-suppliers of goods and services most appropriate to achieve the objectives.

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