European Buyout Funds Find the Exits


December 7, 2012

European VCs may be having trouble finding the exit as reported by Go4Ventures above, but PE funds are on a roll. This week Charterhouse and CVC started the process of selling their energy-metering firm Ista, in what reporters are saying may be one of the biggest private equity transactions in Germany next year with a price tag of up to about EUR 3 billion, according to Reuters.


Elsewhere, a single issue of PEI daily newsletter, reported several mid-market PE exits, including Avista Capital Partners sale of Anthony International for USD 603 million, rumored to be a 2.1x return multiple. Dunedin sold one of its portfolio firms for a 3x multiple, as while High Road also made an exit, as did EQT sold Gambro. Norwest also exited an agricultural processing company for USD 1 billion, according to PEI.

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