European PE Fundraising Up


May 22, 2012

According to EVCA, the European private equity and venture capital industry saw an increase in fundraising of 80 percent in 2011, reaching its highest levels since 2008 via PE Hub. Nearly EUR40 billion was raised in Europe last year.


A spokesperson from EVCA posited that investors from pension funds to charities are increasingly turning to private equity and venture capital to deliver long-term, sustainable returns in a climate of uncertainty in Europe.

In 2011 venture capital funds saw a 50 percent growth of their fundraising activity, while buyout and growth funds doubled inflows in 2011.About 65 percent of the total new funds raised came from European countries and about 35 percent from the rest of the world. During the period, UK and Ireland, Nordic countries and France and Benelux managed more than 83 percent of the amount raised in 2011.

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