European PE Still Attractive Despite Decline in 2014


February 12, 2015

The latest S&P Capital IQ newsletter describes European PE in 2014 as “interesting” with investment volume declining by 15.5% and a 6% decrease in number of new deals compared to 2013. New PE investments totaled EUR 108.4 billion. Despite the drop in activity, the analysts maintain that “EMEA remained an attractive destination for global private equity firms in 2014”. Two sectors were more active than usual in 2014, namely IT and Finance. The IT sector attracted the most deals over the course of 2014, with 1701 investments worth EUR 12bn, while EUR 33.2bn was invested into the financial sector in 2014, reflecting a 29% increase in deal volume compared to 2013. Country-wise, Germany slowed down, investments fell by 11% in 2014. Exit deal volume there also saw a significant decrease of 71% from USD 26.6bn in 2013 to EUR 7.6bn in 2014. (S&P Capital IQ)

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