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European VC Fundraising Improving


July 12, 2012

As of June, the data for both US and European venture capital funds show a positive trend compared to last year. More capital is being raised, according to a release from VentureWire. The US funds have raised USD 13 billion (82 fundraisings) while 27 European venture funds raised USD 2.3 billion. Both sets of figures are a markedly greater than last year, increasing by 31% and 26% respectively, says the report citing data from Dow Jones LP Source.

Other Findings

–        US early-stage is popular with LPs, fundraising more than doubles. Forty-three early-stage funds raised USD 3.1 billion, more than double the USD 1.3 billion raised for 40 funds during the same period last year.

–        Late stage declined with twelve late-stage venture funds raising USD2.1 billion, a 28% decline in fundraising compared to first half of 2011.

–        Twenty-seven European venture funds held closings during the first half, matching the total from the year-ago period. As in the US, early-stage funds attracted most of the capital, raising USD1.5 a 34% increase in capital committed from the same period last year.

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