European VC Stable in April


June 6, 2013

Transaction levels in April are roughly n line with last year, and the exit environment is also proving relatively steady, according to the latest deal analysis by Go4Venture. From a funding standpoint, April was dominated, “somewhat surprisingly”, by medtech.


In April half the funding transactions were from the medtech companies, driven by anticipated demand in an aging population in Europe and by a technology shift that is creating some truly innovative products.


Other transactions that Go4Venture highlight were two Series A investments. They were Motain, a mobile entertainment startups (Germany) which raised EUR 10 mln after bootstraping its way to 3.5mln Monthly Active Users (MAUs) and Fits.me (UK/Estonia) raised capital from Conor Ventures to grow its ecommerce technology business.


The article said that the European venture financing market is becoming fitter, with more experimenting at the early stage reflecting “lower barriers to entry as technology costs go down and more support is provided to budding entrepreneurs (e.g. incubators, tax subsidized funds and crowdfunding platforms such as the crowdfunding directory put together by NESTA)”. (Image Source: Go4Venture)

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