Europe’s Most Innovative Venture You’ve Never Heard Of


October 3, 2013

The winner of the 8th Annual Innovation Award, which celebrates Europe’s most successful companies for leading innovation and entrepreneurship, was Tobii Technology, according to HearldOnline.


The award is presented by Tech Tour Association which has a knack for finding under the radar success stories in the European venture market. Tobii Technology, which was founded in 2001 and employs 400 globally, because it is a world leader in eye tracking and gaze interaction.


Over the last decade, Tobii emerged as one of the key drivers of eye-tracking technology and has become a “partner of choice” for OEM solutions. Tobii works with major product manufacturers across a wide array of industries, such as computers, gaming, medical devices and automotive, to develop mass market products that leverage the power of eye tracking.


For the PC market it is developing products that go from point and click, to look and do. (Image source: Tobii)

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