Europe’s Next Billion Dollar VC Exit


January 25, 2013

Magister Advisors, an investment banking boutique, says in IPTV News that there is a next wave of European tech companies maturing into high value businesses. Its list includes Shazam (which IPTV says has big ambitions for the TV market), Rovio (developer of the Angry Birds franchise), Wonga, a personal and business loans site, Klarna (e-payments), and online food deliveries platform Just-Eat.


The momentum has been building for several years, according to a Magister press release. European exits had a value of around USD 15 billion against USD 30 billion in the US. The VC-backed technology exits in Europe in 2009-10 were remarkable compared to the US because they delivered half the amount of money but with one fifth of the capital resources. Funds invested in VC in the US amounted to USD 25 billion while in Europe it was only USD 6 billion.

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