Family Office in Lux the Latest to Rush to P2P Lending


March 19, 2015

News this week that Luxembourg-based Shepherd Capital, the family office of Yves St Laurent co-founder Pierre Bergé, is backing a new USD 50 million investment vehicle to back P2P loans in Europe is just the tip of the iceberg. Other deep pocketed investors, including hedge funds and alternative asset managers, are already putting money to work in crowdlending platforms. The rapid growth in such lending is illustrated in the Orchard Platform graph here, depicting Prosper and LendingClub data. An article in Reuters from last October breaks out numbers, with analysts concluding that P2P has actually become quite institutionalized. And earlier last year Crowdfunding Insider published a story entitled, Has P2P Lending Turned Into Hedge Fund to Consumer Lending? (Image source: Orchard)

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