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Fastest Moving Digital Economies Identified


February 26, 2015

Citing the activity of early frontier and emerging market investors, such as Rocket Internet, an article in HBR identifies into the fastest growing digital countries in the world, citing research that examined 50 countries. The article confirms that the next billion Internet users are coming primarily from ASEAN and BRIC countries. Singapore, Sweden and Hong Kong are the most outstanding digital economies, while those that are ready to break out and on the cusp of digital boom are China, India, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, and The Philippines. They are also some of the world’s most populous countries. The idea is that a growing per capita demand combined with large-sized populations will generate immense demand. The Philippines, Chile, Colombia, Thailand, and Indonesia are among the fastest-evolving economies, and to-date have received relatively little investment in digital commerce ecosystems to date. Northern Europe (except Sweden), Japan, and Germany, once the hottest and fastest moving in Internet and mobile, are seen as comparatively low growth regions now. (Image source: Fletcher School of Business)

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