FFG – Real estate project


February 5, 2015

Office building in top Vilnius business district 

All four projects have an average Loan to Value ratio of 0.53, so it is a potentially low risk – high return investment. Two projects are retail buildings with already signed lease agreement with one of the top 4 Lithuanian retailers. Other one is office building in top Vilnius business district and the last one is a residential apartment house in central part of the city, with good communication with the Old town, main business district and other important places of interest. We have already purchased land for all objects and gathered all licenses and permissions to start construction. Construction of all four objects is scheduled for 2015 and we need a loan to cover part of the construction cost. Our company is experienced in Real Estate business, we have already completed many successful projects before, so this investment would definitely benefit You as an investor, us as project managers, and of course the clients of these buildings.
In Documents & Videos section You will find an Executive Summary.

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