IPO Volume Declining

Global IPO Volume Declining


April 16, 2015

The amount of capital raised in IPOs globally is trending downwards compared to last year, according to data from Renaissance Capital. Total proceeds raised this year are now at USD 37.3 bn, a minus 50.7% change from last year. In a research note about the first quarter, Renaissance said that quarterly proceeds were USD 31.3 billion, down 11.4% compared to last year. Only Europe did not experience a considerable drop in the 1Q2015, thanks to a couple of large, multi-billion dollar IPOs, including Europe’s eighth largest IPO ever by Spanish airport operator Aena (AENA.SM), which raised USD 4.8 billion. Taking market volatility into account, as long as IPOs continue to generate positive returns, Renaissance expects global IPO issuance to remain active for the remainder of 2015.

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