Global PE Headhunt


December 4, 2014

eFinancialcareers has the scoop on compensation and hiring trends at PE firms this week. Using data from Preqin’s latest survey, the job site said that the vast majority of PE firms are planning on hiring again next year, 83% of globally intend to increase headcount next year. Meanwhile, 22% said that they had implemented layoffs over the last 12 months. (Ed. Note: some of them may have gone to hedge funds to support Long Strategies, according to yet another report on the same site). Other findings: senior PE professionals are making more this year than last year; while juniors and analysts saw pay packages shrink. Funds in Asia were most likely to have the highest number of deal-makers dedicated to new fund launches, with ten people on average to each fund. In the US, this figure was six people, while funds in Europe get by with an average of four deal-makers for each fund. (Image source: Preqin)

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