Greenrail railroad systems


May 8, 2013

Railroad sleeper aimed at generating electricity

Greenrail s.r.l. , has designed and patented an innovative railroad composite sleeper made up, in part , from recycled plastic and recycled rubber from ELT ( end of life tyres ). The “Greenrail sleeper” , thanks to an integrate piezoelectric system, generate electricity. The “Greenrail sleeper” can be installed in all kind of railway lines , also on High speed line , and supports the “W” rail fastening system which is the most commonly used rail fastening system in the world today.

100 Km of railway line , built with “Greenrail sleepers”, contribute to recycling nearly 8500 Tons of plastic and 8500 Tons of rubber from ELT ; moreover considering a frequency of 10/20 trains per hour , said railway line produce nearly 1,25 MW/h of green power.

Greenrail s.r.l. is looking to develop and test a prototype of the already designed environmentally friendly sleeper; and want to become a leader of the railways industry and set an example of eco-friendly business model.

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