Growth in Crowdfunding Usage Evidenced by Increasing Specialization and Internationalization


September 5, 2013

Crowdfunding is gaining momentum, at least based on the newsflow around the topic. It is becoming more specialized, and it is going international. For example, the model is spreading to China, according to Mashable, where FundingDream is currently launching its new crowdfunding platform, joining two existing platforms, DreamMore and Demo Hour.


FundingDream is differentiated as it is registered in the US, is open to donations and project creation from anywhere.


As for specialization, a couple of articles in the past four weeks on show the trend. In mid-August CNBC published a feature about a new platform for raising capital to fund smaller medical device innovations, called B-a-MedFounder.


The platform expects that the projects are seeking amounts in the range of USD 70,000 to USD 100,000. The article says that B-a-MedFounder is one of several, including MedStartr and HealthFundr, in the health sector.


But unlike those sites, B-a-MedFounder is focused exclusively on obtaining financing for smaller medical device projects.

Another article on reports the five figure fundraising on Kickstarter for Tribesports, a social networking website where sports enthusiasts can interact.


It sounds a bit like the Nike+ social network that it runs in partnership with Apple, but this one is different because it wants its users to help build a “community powered sports brand” that is “transparent”, with customers able to input in designing products. (Image source: Tribesports)

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