Healthcare and Energy are the Hotspots for Innovation


April 26, 2012

GE Capital published its Global Innovation Barometer revealing that as the economy recovers, innovation is seen as the “best hope to spur economic growth” in a survey that reached across 12 countries.


Out of those surveyed, a whopping 95 percent view innovations as the main lever for a more competitive national economy, while 88 percent think innovations are the best ways to create new jobs. In addition, the U.S., Germany and Japan are seen as future innovation leaders.

When asked specifically about innovation in healthcare, those surveyed believe that innovation can improve the overall health of the population. Respondents also believe innovations can improve the design of their particular country’s health system, improve the care for older populations, improve economic sustainability and improve the overall rate of chronic disease.

When it comes to the innovation potential in energy, 83 percent of respondents think innovation can reduce their country’s carbon footprint. Furthermore, respondents believe energy innovations can improve their respective countries’ energy independence and energy distribution quality. Also, survey participants think future innovations could improve the ability for citizens to manage their energy consumption and the overall energy costs.

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