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February 26, 2015

Days of satellites are numbered

Hermes Aerospace Corp. aims to develop and then commercialise, purpose-built, high-endurance, long-range, high-altitude UAV technology to both replace satellites and take satellite functionality to new markets and uses. As such, this is a genuinely unique and disruptive investment opportunity with potentially huge returns. Everyone knows that the days of satellites are numbered. Satellites are frequently damaged, broken and knocked off course. Further, they are hugely expensive to build, launch and run, plus they have severely limited lifespans. And yet, many organisations, from mobile networks and internet providers, to governments and the military, continue to rely heavily upon them. The Hermes ATMOSAT UAV aims to lead the way in both replacing much of today’s satellite applications, and in taking satellite-type technology to new markets and uses. We already have the design, technology, capabilities and experience to rapidly make this ambitions dream a commercial reality.

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