December 5, 2014

Major clients in the US 

Security of the worlds leading ERP systems is so complicated the vendors sell tools to manage it. Only a few selected firms are able to implement the security solutions in Europe. As a result of the relative low perceived added value and high costs, Europe’s leading companies are off-shoring to Asia. We aim to capture this trend.

Seed capital will be used to become the leading partner of the world’s only hosted SAAS service for ERP security and sell
the associated services. This US company launched just a year ago, has major clients in the US but, currently has no partners in UK,
France or Africa. Clients can expect approx 70% reduction in costs. Forty percent of US clients already had the ERP vendor tools
installed and see a positive ROI by only using the advanced reporting this solution gives. Given the high current costs, only 20% of
the worlds leading ERP customers have automated solutions in place.

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