Highs and Lows for PE in Emerging Markets


February 15, 2013

Private equity in emerging markets has seen its share of global private equity fundraising quadruple from 5 per cent in 2003 to 20 per cent last year, reports beyond brics. In its Chart of the week, FT looks at the highs and lows of private equity across the Brics and sub-Saharan Africa over the past decade, courtesy of data compiled by the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association.


Funds raised to invest in these regions went from a few hundred million dollars in 2003, to many billions by 2007. China funds have raised over USD 14 billion in 2008. Africa and Russia orientated private equity funds are smaller, but their growth was “still dramatic – from next to nothing to almost two billion in half a decade”, says the report.


All fell together post-2008, but China and Brazil stand out with strong rebounds – in 2011 they both managed to smash pre-crisis fundraising records. (Image source: beyond bricks)

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