How Family Offices Combine Impact and Philanthropy


June 4, 2015

A new 56 page report from IAG Fund Services reveals that globally strategic philanthropy is on the rise, despite a lack of common definitions. There is a trend toward social investing in global issues, such as climate change, poverty, access to fresh water versus place based causes. However, many international family offices still want to give back to their home country or community said the report. Contributing to the growth in philanthropic activity is the fact that the wealthy are getting wealthier; there are more of them than ever, and generational change. One other thing in common is a desire for privacy in their giving. The US is the anomaly where over the last three decades; it has become more accepted to discuss philanthropy openly. But even there, many donors and private foundations still prefer to remain anonymous, said the report.

(Image source: IAG Fund Services)

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