I4C – Healthcare Apps


December 18, 2014

Staff and management communicate concerns

Ideas 4 Change (I4C) is an ambitious and innovative mobile app currently being trialled at Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital. The app was borne and designed from the recommendations and requirements put forth from key reports on the NHS. In particular, the Keogh Review (July 2013), by Prof. Sir Bruce Keogh (National Medical Director – NHS England) outlined the need for radical change in how front line staff and management communicate concerns and issues. It also champions the use of innovative, new technology to overcome these obstacles.I4C is a real-time communication between front line staff and senior management. I4C will empower front line staff, enabling them to communicate issues to senior management in a robust and effective manner, which will in turn lead to better quality of care, reduced absence, engaged staff and higher staff retention.

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