Indian M&A Hits 3-year High


January 29, 2015

India’s M&A activity in 2014 climbed to USD 38 billion from 573 deals, according to new data from Grant Thornton. Private equity deals came in at USD 12 bn up 23% measured by deal value.

The analysis says that a consolidation trend amongst larger companies drove activity. 2014 also witnessed one of the lowest levels of outbound M&A by deal values at just USD 6 billion, although volumes remained robust at 117 deals. Overseas investors continue to tap the potential in Indian markets resulting in 35% increase in inbound values compared to 2013 and 19% increase in volume of deals. Grant Thornton expects 2015 activity to remain strong against a backdrop of political stability, significant government reforms, falling commodity prices and minority foreign investors increasing control of their investments. (Image source: Grant Thornton)

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