Indian PE Fund Makes Money in Hollywood


June 17, 2012

In private equity, it is more common to hear of European and US funds targeting Indian deals, but there are a few that go the other way.


Global Entertainment Partners (GEP) is a USD 100 million private equity fund and media portfolio that invests in Hollywood productions for more than a dozen Indian LPs, and it is doing well, according to A. V. Shankardass, U.K.-based film financier profiled in an article in He pits Hollywood against Bollywood and claims that the investment potential are returns of 30 per cent in Hollywood.


The two major films which GEP part-financed were box office hits, Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol and Captain America: The First Avenger. The key advantage that Hollywood has over Bollywood according to the fund’s manager is its professionalism and transparency, including finance, film production and marketing, which breeds more profitability on the whole, he said.

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