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Fintech Firm Pushes the Banking Boundaries

Fintech Firm Pushes the Banking Boundaries

A mobile-only financial institution has taken a move towards acquiring a bank charter in the US. The fintech firm called Varo Money has filed a formal application and hopes to become a national bank. This private equity backed fintech firm is yet another firm to push the banking boundaries – while the authorities are trying to keep up with the [...]

Banks in Brazil & the UK Preparing for Fintech Revolution

Banks in Brazil & the UK Preparing for Fintech ...

The digital revolution has changed the banking sector and more change is to come with fintech startups. Big shifts are currently taking place everywhere, but Brazil and the UK are preparing to be disrupted big time. Many experts believe the banking sector in these countries won’t be the same soon.   Brazil’s banking might go through the biggest change   [...]

JP Morgan Eyeing a UK Fintech Business

JP Morgan Eyeing a UK Fintech Business

The US bank has been relatively quiet in the acquisition department ever since the financial crash. However, it has regained confidence and according to reports, is now approaching a UK fintech business. Worldpay Group could become the bank’s biggest acquisition.   Preliminary approaches   Fox Business reported the board of Worldpay admitting the US bank has made a preliminary approach [...]

Australia & Japan to Increase Fintech Cooperation

Australia & Japan to Increase Fintech ...

Australian financial authorities have announced a completion of a framework that will see them start cooperating with their Japanese counterparts. The framework is aimed at promoting innovation in the financial services sector, bringing the fintech sector in both countries ever closer to each other.   Details of the cooperation agreement   The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) announced the [...]


Could France Become Europe’s Innovation Hub?

The French voted Emmanuel Macron for president earlier in May. The young and progressive Macron managed to excite the French and not least the financial sector. Macron’s background in finance and his passion for technology has led many to believe big things are about to happen in France’s fintech sector. Could the country become Europe’s innovation hub, especially as Britain [...]


The European Commission to Reboot its CMU Plan

The European Commission has revealed it would be rebooting its Capital Markets Union (CMU) plan. The Commission hopes it will strengthen Europe’s financial systems at a time when Brexit is looming over the continent.   The CMU was originally adopted in 2015 with the aim of helping businesses access investment across European border. There were 33 measures in the original [...]


Malaysia Opens a Fintech Sandbox

Malaysia is ramping up its forces in the global race for the newest fintech innovation. The Asian country has launched its first fintech sandbox with the help of the central bank. The regulatory sandbox will be open to both foreign and local startups.   Enhancing its fintech sector   Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) had earlier started focusing its efforts in [...]

Are Silicon Valley’s VCs Losing Interest in Fintech?

Are Silicon Valley’s VCs Losing Interest in ...

Fintech has been booming in recent years. Investors of all kinds have flocked towards the industry and new fintech startups have been popping up all over the globe. But a recent Inc. post suggests Silicon Valley’s VCs might be losing interest.   VCs not as big of a player in fintech   Fintech companies had a surge in investment from [...]


Private Equity Hungry for Tech Deals

Private equity has not always been in love with the technology sector. A few decades ago, tech deals were considered a poor bet for private equity firms. Ideas were not thought to outweigh physical assets as an investment opportunity.   But things have changed – technology is a hot investment opportunity for firms, with many of them looking hungrily for [...]


MoneyGram Gets a Sweetened Deal from China

The US fintech firm MoneyGram has received an increased buyout deal from China’s Ant Financial. The reports suggest the Chinese company increased its bid to buy the fintech firm by 36%, but regulatory hurdles are still on the horizon.   Improving the bid to acquire the fintech firm   Ant Financial, which is an Alibaba subsidiary, has offered to buy [...]


US Regulator Gives Another Warning for the Private ...

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has given a fresh warning to the private equity industry. SEC told the industry must continue improving, especially in the field of manage fees, or expect more fines and enforcement actions.   The Warning SEC’s acting director at the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, Marc Wyatt, told in a conference that private equity [...]


Why PE Industry Needs Data Standardization

An article in Investment Europe makes the call for data format standardization between GPs and LPs.  It is a report that reflects a growing awareness that PE needs to make a shift to a more mature information management model for data exchange.   Ernst & Young said as much in its recent report entitled PE Evolution of the Operating Model [...]


Are new SEC Financing Rules a Threat to VC Business ...

As was widely reported the SEC in the US took another step this week towards lifting the ban on private stock offers (see Reuters). As the new regulations get closer to reality some people are speculating that crowdfunding and other methods of raising private capital could be a threat to the VC business model, according to Wired magazine.   Over [...]